Seasonal Charts


Seasonality is the study of a market over time to establish if there is a regular and predictable change that occurs within its price every calendar year. Every market experiences periods of either greater supply or demand throughout a year, and it is these forces that drive seasonal patterns. Seasonality allows us to establish these periods to give us an indication ahead of time how a market could perform in the near future.  

If this seasonal pattern is combined with our CoT data, we can see if the positioning in a market is in line with how we expect a market to behave within its seasonal pattern. i.e. If a markets seasonal pattern indicates a price rally is possible in the coming months and we can see strong buying is taking place in that market through our Cot data, it is a very good indication that its seasonal pattern will ring true again this calendar year.

Unique seasonal pattern only found on

All our seasonal charts now contain a unique 'weighted average seasonal pattern' which gives more weighting to the price movement in recent years. This is so we can see if a markets movement is evolving over time and if so, make sure our trading evolves with it. The weighted average is based on 4 time periods (where data allows), 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and the complete available history. The average of these 4 periods is what is used to create our weighted average seasonal pattern.

All our seasonal charts will display two seasonal patterns, one standard all time seasonal pattern and our unique weighted average seasonal pattern. Idealy we want these both to align, but where they do not, we recommend you follow our weighted average as this shows how the market has moved in recent years and is most likely to follow this pattern.

Use our Performance heat maps below to find the largest historical seasonal moves and then navigate to each market to see its full seasonal pattern and identify times for entry and exit. Remember, a seasonal pattern gives us a bias for a market but this should be backed up with our CoT data to give the best signals.   

Monthly Performance Heat Map - by Market
This heat map shows the best and worst months for each market

Monthly performance heatmap for Currencies, stocks, Gold, Crude and commodities
Tighter spreads from Pepperstone

Monthly Performance Heat Map - by Month
This heat map shows the best and worst markets each month
Best & worst performing markets every month

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